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YouTube Video: Malamute is Happy, Annaliesa Rose

YouTube Video: Malamute is Happy

Very cute video indeed; everyone should be happy!

After Montana had been washed and was mostly dry she was relaxing and so I decided to video her while singing the chorus of "Happy" (Pharrell Williams cover of chorus). Every time I ask her if she is happy she either wags her tail at me or howls this high pitched happy howl (like seen in the clip). I hope you enjoy this, it is not supposed to be the best singing, it is me without special fx or microphone or backing having a good time with a very cute little (56kg) dog.

Check out the link below:

Peace, love, hugs & kisses

Annaliesa, The Dog Lady.

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01 Jun 2014

Rest In Peace Fuzzy Kirkwood, Annaliesa Rose
Rest In Peace Fuzzy Kirkwood, Annaliesa Rose
Rest In Peace Fuzzy Kirkwood, Annaliesa Rose
Rest In Peace Fuzzy Kirkwood, Annaliesa Rose

Rest In Peace Fuzzy Kirkwood

A very well loved son, pack member, best friend, and little leader to fellow pooches was let to rest at the vets after not being able to move after having a stroke.

The story starts back on the 15th of December 1995 when we were building the extension onto our house, I was in the final day of year 6 of primary school all set to have my 13th birthday party the next day (as my birthday is sooooo close to Christmas - 21/12 - I wanted everyone to come). This little scrawny, flea ridden, matted ball of fluff who was very emaciated came through our closed gate and I put him out again thinking he would go home but each time I put him out he would walk right back in.

After school that day, I came home hoping and praying that this little fluff ball (who would be later called Fuzzy) would still be there, as  I threatened my parents that he was not going to the pound because he would be euthanised or worse. To my delight, he was there and welcomed my open arms.

That next day, Mum and I gave him a thorough bath and clipped all his hair off to get rid of the fleas and matts. He loved the bowl of chicken he had received the previous night, and I was to fatten him up to his rightful size from 3.5kgs to 6.6Kgs.

There were times when he would run away because he didn't know that he was meant to be here, especially in storms, he was very weary of people and fast to get away from dogs as well, but we had a special connection that would last forever. After a while he stopped running away, realising that his place was with us, and we went for walks every day, he always loved his walks. He also loved his food too but never over ate, just ate what he needed and then would stop.  

We think that he was about 2years old when he came our way because he was so street smart. He always looked right and then left before crossing the road, he always was cautious around cars and was never a yappy little dog.

I would always get offended when people would be bias about smaller dogs, it's like being discriminatory of short humans or tall humans and placing a stigma on them. He was never yappy, never aggressive, simply a divine little helper. He was and will always be the best dog in my entire universe. My son, my baby, my knight in shining armour, my fuzzicles, the fuzz meister, my best friend and a member of my pack.

The weirdest thing though was that on Tuesday the 15th of April it was our 18year 5month anniversary of him coming into our lives. He is and  will be sorely missed even though he will always be a ghost wafting around in the cosmos.

"I will love you forever and forever love you with all my heart,

love you whenever we're together,

love you when we're apart".

The urn with his ashes arrived to us on the following Tuesday (22nd April 2014) which is beautifully crafted from Pets at Peace in Wollongong.

25 Apr 2014